The Make-Up Artist is like a painter who paints the face as a white canvas.


I’m Dafne Miriam Billera,I was born in Cagliari on 22/08/1994.

I’m a young graduate at AIEM Make-Up Artist (Italian Academy of Aesthetics and Make-Up) in Turin. Currently I’m back in Trapani (Sicily) where I’m one of the few make-up artist with a Frequency Attestation.I gained experience in the field of Make-Up. I studied the scenic make-up, through the use of materials such as latex, silicone, fake blood, wax and jelly; creating wounds from firearms and abrasions. With the same materials, I made “Face-Painting” playing zombies, monsters and animals.I produced make-up inspired by the fashions of diffent periods: the make-up of ancient Egypt, the more eccentric styles of the ’80s. I recreated also the style and fashion icons such as: Mina (an Italian singer), Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy.I created too a makeup inspired to Orfeo, exploiting the techniques inherent in the expressive characterization


My work focuses onĀ  bringing out the beauty of people with simple step.

I like experimenting with new techniques.

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